Open- accessible to all –free- online learning platform encompass a wide range of learning opportunities for Artisans pan India. The content on this online knowledge centre will be tailor made for the Artisans to imbibe the knowledge of design, business communication and how to make the best use of technology to better interact with the markets. The ambition of this platform is to build upon the existing knowledge systems and to facilitate the learning of contemporary markets and ways of doing business.

The curriculum is designed on the principle of activity based learning. The complex concepts and theories are broken down into simple activities and are contextualized for the Artisans.   

The curriculum is broken down into four broad field of studies; Design, Business, Communication, and IT tools

Design Education

 Out of the box thinking comes naturally to the Artisans. Practicing crafts entails perfecting the art of engaging head, hand, and heart and since Artisans masters that art; it makes it relatively easy for them to understand the concepts of design thinking. Facilitated learning of theoretical design concepts allows Artisans to communicate in the universal Design language. We will cover a range of concepts on colour theory and basic designs.

Business Education

Understanding simple concepts of marketing and learning how to present give Artisans the confidence to keep up with the dynamic markets. We will cover a wide range of concepts from costing, sales, sales analysis, market analysis, record keeping, and presentations.


It is of utmost importance for Artisans to not only educate the customers about their craft traditions but also to communicate their personal stories. Inspiring as they are, Artisans’ stories will allow the customers to peep into their Worlds. We will have session based on exercises on market simulation, organize.

IT Tools

To ensure that Artisans make the most of the technological advancement and use the softwares such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft world, and other relevant social media Applications (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp), we conduct sessions that instruct Artisans on how to use them.